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Am Kamal.

Amm Kamal is a movie and series Guru, Netflix contacted Amm Kamal to recommend shows and films to the Netflix audience.
This makes Amm Kamal think he’s a big shot in Netflix and acts as such, he speaks from a place of (false) authority.
While his recommendations are spot on his presentation is hilarious simplifying the premise and saying it in a way the Egyptian layperson would while also trying to boost his credibility by building fake props from the show to display or faking phone calls to Netflix higher ups.

Minly Leek.

We created this series to promote the Minly App, Minly offers customized and on-demand shout-outs from celebrities. To showcase Minly’s full potential, we asked our host celebrities in the series to do some unusual shout-outs, as well as providing them with a prompt card detailing how the shout-out should be delivered. This series was a huge success since it boosted the in-app registration by more than 300%, as well as gained substantial exposure that still continues to encourage new users.

Biggest Fan.

Biggest Fan is a show where the audience are the stars, elaborating on their personal experiences with the show, how it influenced them and inspired them, and what their favorite characters and scenes are.

Director's Chair.

Director’s Chair invites you to a heart-to-heart chat with KSA’s biggest up and coming filmmakers, telling you about their process, their favorite moments, and discussing their latest works.

Manal Show.

Wondering what to watch on Netflix? Manal show hosts your favorite content creators from KSA to take you through Netflix’s latest releases and classics, making sure you always have something interesting to watch.

Molto Show.

We created this series for Edita, featuring Coach Hassan Shehata, that comments on football fans’ mannerisms, to basically function as a cheering guide for the fans. At the heart of it, we intended to use the power of our voice to encourage a more positive tone of watching football, and we packed it in a fun and digestible form. This series reached millions of people and remains a memorable campaign associated with World Cup 2018.

My Netflix.

Ever wondered what Netflix stars watch on Netflix? This show has the answer. Who do they share their accounts with? What shows are they obsessed with? Watch My Netflix for a chance to see

Rawabi BFF Challenge.

Take a deeper dive into the Rawabi world to get to know its creators, the decisions that made the show what it is, and the process behind it all.

Shaf ma Shaf.

A round table discussion game, where people from the industry and celebrities discuss a TV Show or Movie in detail but one of the contestants has not seen it!

3 genuine fans and 1 imposter discuss a Netflix show down to the finest details, can you spot the imposter?

Squid Game MENA Region.

Ever wanted to be part of Squid Game minus the risks involved? This is exactly what we did with your favorite content creators from Egypt and KSA, giving them all the mystery, fun, and thrill of the experience.


With fun, summery, and energetic visuals, our ad for Mirinda gained lots of interaction from a Gen Z demographic, making the client a center of conversation online and on ground between youth who are trying to collect Mirinda’s album stickers; giving the audience a fresh


This new mysterious and aesthetic that was birthed by the internet only a few years prior. The strong juxtaposition of styles that would usually clash together, end up working harmoniously. Which is emblematic of the message we were trying to send. Set to the soundtrack originally composed by us for this ad.

أكبر وأوفر وأكتر.

Juhayna has 2 sizes available; the regular pack which is too small and the family which pack is too big . But El king hits a sweet spot, it’s made for single use and also gives you more options.

The new product being launched is going to make big moves on the market. El King means bigger and El King means better, and this what we’re going to focus on.



Package El 3arees.

In Egypt, people saw using condoms as a part of a debauched lifestyle, so even men aware of the benefits of the product were very apprehensive or even ashamed to buy the product.

So we needed to figure out a way to break the stigma of buying our product.

In Egypt it’s common to find special Groom oriented products and services. These are normalized labels that are far from taboo and are socially celebrated. 

This is how we came up with  “Package El 3arees” or “The Groom’s Package”

 A special package made specifically for newly weds 


7UP reached out to us with the challenge of creating a campaign that talked to all Egyptians, that celebrated them. Seeing as how 7UP had remained relatively silent in its communication over the past few years, not having released a campaign in Egypt in almost 3 years. We had to come up with something huge.


An idea came up, what if 7UP was used as a canvas for art that represented and celebrated all Egyptians. That our differences are what make us similar. Seeing as how in Egyptian culture almost all visual and artistic styles came out organically, as what we refer to as unintentional art. Thus a campaign idea was born “El Me3alemeen” a smart play on words meaning both “Those who leave their marks” and “The bosses/or leaders”.